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Choking Rescue Kit For Adult And Children

Save Your Loved Ones From Choking In Seconds

Over 500 Lives Saved & Counting

Introducing Choking Rescue Device, the world’s only airway clearance device you can trust to save a life.

Clinically Proven: Safe & Effective
Easy To Use, Only 3 Steps
Works On Both Children & Adults
Product Never Expires

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Don’t Become A Statistic

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family, Act Now

Introducing Choking Rescue Device

The Choking Rescue Device is a patented airway clearance device that quickly and safely removes obstructions when someone is choking. Unlike back slaps and abdominal thrusts, the Choking Rescue Device uses suction to smoothly remove the object instead of using blunt force. You use it after attempting back slaps and abdominal thrusts (if possible). It’s like a “safety net” for when all else fails.

Trusted & Used By



Fire & EMS


Recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the world. Over 100,000 sold in over 40 countries and counting!

Free Replacement If You Have To Use It

Because of this device my son is alive! Thank God!

My adult son choked today on french fries. With 2 plunges the french fries were out & he was breathing. It took a matter of seconds to put together & use it.
– Tina

Save A Life In 3 Simple Steps

Choking Rescue Device is so easy almost anyone can use it! Simply place, push and pull to save someone from choking in seconds.

1. Place

Place Choking Rescue Device over the mouth and nose to create a seal.

2 Push

The one-way valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed.

3 Pull

Then simply pull to create a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object in seconds.

5,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

99% of reviewers would recommend Choking Rescue Kit to a friend

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Choking Rescue Device be used on anyone that is choking?

A choking Rescue Device can be used to help protect all family members. The Choking Rescue Kit is equipped to use on children as small as 22 pounds or heavier, utilizing the child mask. The adult mask is for use on full-sized adults and seniors. Child and adult masks are included in every Home Kit and Travel Kit. Unlike the traditional Heimlich Maneuver, Choking Rescue Kit is also effective on those with illness, disorder, medical, or other health-related reasons. Consult a medical doctor before using Choking Rescue Kit.

Can Choking Rescue Kit be used more than once/Can it be reused?

The Choking Rescue Kit device is a one-time use-only apparatus. The product should not be used again for sanitary reasons. IMPORTANT: The unit should be discarded if used in a choking emergency and saved the victim’s life. The choking Rescue Kit can be used multiple times if the obstruction is not dislodged on the first application.

Can I use Choking Rescue Kit on myself?

Yes! One of the best things about the Choking Rescue Kit is that it can be self-administered (and is highly effective) during a choking emergency.

Can Choking Rescue Kit be used before the Heimlich?

Choking Rescue Kit is intended to be used after choking rescue procedures have been performed and are unsuccessful. We recommend the Heimlich as the first line of defense standard choking protocol.

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