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Don’t you find it too tiring to paddle on a windy day?

Make use of the wind power to sail for longer and farther with the Foldable Downwind Kayak Sail!

It also can protection you from UV radiation, compatible with kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, etc. What are you waiting for?


Allows you to turn your kayaks into fun sailboats in an instant so you can enjoy sailing through wind power. 

It can be attached on kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, tandem yachts and expedition boats.


Equipped with straps and clips which enable you to control your movement and use the wind to give you more power. 

Simply hold the clips to keep kayak go forward and just lay it down to stop.


Designed with a transparent window at the back to provide you with a clear view of the sail and allow you to easily view the objects behind the sail, for safe sailing.


Made of eco-friendly strong polyester taffeta and PVC which effectively weaken ultraviolet radiation and prevent it from penetrating through the sail, thus protecting you from the hot sun when sailing. 


This sail is made compact and foldable into a pouch so you can conveniently carry it anywhere and store it when not in use.


Material: Polyester Taffeta + PVC

Size: 108 x 108cm

Net Weight: 350g

Available Colors: Red / Green / Orange / Blue

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Foldable Downwind Kayak Sail

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