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Round-the-clock motivation to drink water

Effective time markers to measure daily water intake

Made from top-notch quality, food-grade & BPA free plastic, i.e., Tritan

Available in eight stylish colours and patterns

Unbreakable water bottle equipped with a lid lock & silicone O-ring to prevent leakage

Light-weight & travel-convenient sipper

Celebrities use it too!

3 Reasons why you should choose This Motivational Bottles

Are you drinking enough water everyday?

Often busy with work all the time or looking after your family, you forget to drink enough water. This can hamper your health, as water forms a vital part of many body functions.

The Solara Motivational Water Bottle helps fix your daily hydration game! Its innovative time markings give you hourly reminders. They tell you it’s time you get yourself a refreshment break and drink some water!

Tired of water bottles that reek of plastic after a few day’s use?

Do you find the taste of water stored in your bottle changing after an hour or two? In some cases, they also give off a typical plastic smell. This kills the desire to drink water. All parts of the Solara Water Bottle are made from superior, food-grade reusable tritan. No chance of any chemicals leaching into your bottle.

Little sips of energy drinks boost overall health

The Solara Water Bottle has a wide mouth opening. It enables you to add fruit slices and protein powders in the bottle easily. Working non-stop may get you mental fatigue. Take out your Solara bottle and treat yourself with a refreshing energy drink. It is also the best companion for little trips. Either to the gyms or cycling, camping, hiking, etc.


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